Ruchika Grover, an award-winning artist from India debuts at the Scope International Contemporary Art Show with Naif International Gallery, Miami Beach 2017. Using a combination of robotics and hand craftsmanship, Ruchika explores organic forms and textures. The resultant forms are inspiring and timeless. 

The self-taught artist, Ruchika Grover started as a Surface Designer and is also the Founder & Creative Director of Anoma & Odyssey. Despite no formal training in art, Ruchika has now expanded her work to sculpture and larger than life installations using a multitude of digital fabrication techniques. Ruchika continues to explore through her work as an artist and is launching selected installations in natural stone for the first time at the Scope International Contemporary Art Fair from December 5th to December 10th 2017.

Through her work at Anoma & Odyssey, she combines digital manufacturing with traditional hand craftsmanship to deliver artisanal results globally, bringing to the forefront the tactile nature of Indian craft onto a global platform. She has successfully created installations in India, South East Asia and the Middle East and is now expanding her work to the United States.


"I am excited and proud to be representing and showcasing India and its unique blend of technological innovation and Indian craftsmanship in stone on a platform that represents the best of contemporary global design. This is the first time that India is being represented on such an established and validated platform and I am honored to collaborate with the Naif Gallery and the Scope Art Fair for the same."