Ruchika Grover, an award-winning artist from India debuts at the Scope International Contemporary Art Show, Miami Beach 2017. Using a combination of robotics and hand craftsmanship, Ruchika explores organic forms and textures. The resultant forms are inspiring and timeless. 

The self-taught artist, Ruchika Grover started as a Surface Designer and is also the Founder & Creative Director of Anoma & Odyssey. Despite no formal training in art, Ruchika has now expanded her work to sculpture and larger than life installations using a multitude of digital fabrication techniques. 

Through her work at Anoma & Odyssey, she combines digital manufacturing with traditional hand craftsmanship to deliver artisanal results globally, bringing to the forefront the tactile nature of Indian craft onto a global platform. She has successfully created installations in India, South East Asia and the Middle East and is now expanding her work to the United States.


Designer, Artist & Entrepreneur combining digital fabrication & hand craftsmanship

Ruchika Grover

Founder and Creative Director of

Odyssey - Abstractions in Stone & ANOMA

Artist Statement

“Like a destination on a map, drawn by the serendipitous hand of chance, time, and circumstance; the seemingly disparate parts, started becoming whole”

As a daughter of a stone trader, quarries of stone, and block cutting factories were my weekends and vacations. Leading me to my canvas of choice. 

Persistently dissuaded by the perception surrounding the material, I was determined to not bow down to it, but rather bow the material form to my vision. Over the years, I started dabbling in design, architecture and art and experimenting with dimensionality in both, organic and geometric forms.The blend of hand-craftsmanship and complex digital fabrication allowed me to create a multitude of forms and a subsequent realization. 


Any form, no matter how complex, is static, unless it interacts with nature. 

And even though I understood this through my work, I didn’t imbibe it, till life pushed me towards it. Being a lifelong student of yoga, which was primarily a physical practice for me till recently, I turned to the yoga sutras. Ishvar Pranidhana, is one of the yoga sutras, which means surrendering your individual identity and opening up to grace.

The awareness that you cannot be a self, by yourself, without nature, humbled me.

Looking inward is not simply a direction, but a whole new dimension of possibility and I try to communicate that through my installations, blurring lines that have never been there. Revealing, reveling, and reliving. 

Although the works speak the language of my own making, my memory, my proclivity; what I strive for is oneness, the things that make us different, yet similar and eventually whole. 


Ruchika Grover is an Indian artist who works primarily with natural materials. Her diverse oeuvre, spanning surfaces, sculptures, and installations, combines the complexity of digital fabrication with the humanism of traditional hand-craft. Her choice of subjects reveals an investigation into the wonders of the natural world and establishes a critical commentary on man’s relationship with the inner self. 

Grover is a self-taught artist; her interest in stone, primarily, blossomed at the age of 14 when she began travelling with her father, a stone merchant, to rock formations and quarries. These early experiences formed the cornerstone of her understanding of materiality and craftsmanship, eventually pushing her to establish Odyssey in 2007, a design studio focused on creating small installations and custom fabrications. During the subsequent years, Grover expanded her repertoire beyond hand-crafted products, launching a series of digitally-manufactured stone surface collections – the Crosta (2012), the Kinetic (2013), the Breathing Surfaces (2014), the Ishi Kiri (2015), the Aqueous (2016), and the Foliage (2017). In 2017, an intention to bring the tactile nature of Indian craft to the forefront of the global discourse led her to launch Anoma. The brand, directed at the contemporary international market, celebrates innovation in digital design while staying true to local Indian artisanship. 

Grover’s work has been exhibited at leading art and design shows around the world such as the Scope International Contemporary Art Show, Miami (2017), and the Architectural Digest Design Show, New York (2018). They have also brought her widespread international acclaim and recognition: the Elle Deco International Design Award (2015), spots on the shortlist of the Surface Design Awards, London (2016, 2018), a Coverings Installation and Design Award, Atlanta (2018), and the Perspective 40 under 40 Art Award, Hong Kong (2018). 

Grover currently lives and works between LA and New Delhi, constantly exploring the immense potential of natural materials through research, development, and investment in the latest technologies. 



Coverings, Installation & Design Awards,

Orlando, USA 2019 (Special Recognition- Kona)


World Interiors News Awards,

London​, 2018 (Best Surface Product-Foliage Collection)


ASID X WestEdge Design Fair,

Los Angeles, 2018 (Best in Category of Innovative Product Design)

Perspective 40 under 40 Art Award,  

Hong Kong, 2018 (Winner, Ruchika Grover)

Coverings Installation and Design Award,

Atlanta, 2018 (Special Recognition, Puritsu) 

Surface Design Awards,  

London, 2018 (Finalist, Kheer)

Surface Design Awards,  

London, 2016 (Finalist, Kinetic and Ishi Kiri) 

World Interior News Awards,

London, 2018 

Elle Deco International Design Award (2015)


sva drishti, 2018 (48 inches x 48 inches)


The Bodhi, 2017 (51 inches x 48 inches,  108 inches x 48 inches)


The Continuum, 2016 (73 inches x 96 inches,  53 inches x 48 inches)


The Anemone, 2016 (72 inches x 40 inches)


ASID X WestEdge Design Fair,

Los Angeles, 2018

Architectural Digest Design Show,

New York, 2018 

Scope International Contemporary Art Show,

Miami, 2017


The Foliage, 2017


The Aqueous, 2016


The Ishi Kiri, 2015


The Breathing Surfaces, 2014


The Kinetic, 2013

The Crosta, 2012

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