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Translating directly to “crust”, our Crosta collection draws inspiration from Italian culture. Italy is globally renowned for its majestic marble. “Crosta” was the most befitting name for our largest collection yet, seeing as though the magic of stone does come through the earth's exterior.  

The word “kinetic” has roots in the Greek word “kinetikos” meaning motion. To design this visual sense of movement, we created and used unique design cues. The Kinetic collection explores parametric movement by featuring surfaces that appear to be in motion which add a spirit of dynamism and life to natural stone. 


Lattice work surfaces symbolise both beauty and functionality. Breathing surfaces allow airflow to or through an area while adding privacy to any space. The perforations are designed to amplify light and shadow play to enrich any space by adding drama.

The name Ishi kiri is inspired by the traditional Japanese paper-folding art of origami. It explores the pleats and creases of paper in multi-dimensional forms to create dramatic stone surfaces. This collection is a nose-dive into making cut stone appear as if it were put together through stone folding. 

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The world within water is an unexplored  one. Inspired by majestic aquatic life, this collection seeks to explore a universe parallel to our own and the conditions under which life has evolved differently than ours. 


Our collection was named Foliage since the designs are a metaphor dedicated to flora. These designs draw focus towards the very first, spell bounding creator that mankind has ever known - mother nature. Our designers were inspired by the intricate networks of plants only visible under the microscopic level.

The origin of Pichwai paintings dates back to roughly 400 years ago, created as a labour of love to depict the life of one of the Avatars of Lord Krishna, Shreenathji. These paintings are characterised by deep metaphorical symbols, explored in all its simple singularity by my work. 

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