Absorbing herself with the process of creating and understanding Natural Stone at an early age of 14, when she started traveling with her father, a stone block trader, to quarries and rock formations, Ruchika got intrinsically involved and imbibed the materiality, the craftsmanship and the artisanal nature of stone. With an undergraduate background in Commerce and a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship (UK), Ruchika was driven by passion for the material and pursuit for innovation in design. In 2007, she founded Odyssey, and started dabbling in small installations and custom fabrications across a diverse range of landscape sculptures, and ornately inlayed gemstone carpets.


Expanded her repertoire beyond hand-craftsmanship to digital manufacturing using new-age fabrication processes, in 2012, she launched Crosta- the first collection of digitally fabricated surfaces that celebrated Indian sandstone, marble and granite. The next few years, progressed in leaps and bounds, with the first parametric surface-dimensional stone collection, Kinetic being launched in 2013. The Kinetic collection provided the technology of playing around with the turbulence of the dimensional surface in the hands of the designer, and even the customer, accomplishing international acclaim as a finalist at the Surface Design Awards, London. Immersing herself in this dynamic play of varied global design sensibilities, the Breathing Surfaces (2014), the Ishi Kiri Collection (2015)- a dimensional surface collection inspired by the art of Origami and explored the translucency of marble and varying intensity of light were launched, and eventually won many national and international awards.

More recently, Aqueous (2016) and Foliage (2017), have been conceived and inspired by organic natural forms, allowing Ruchika to explore fluid forms through sculpture, installations, dimensional art walls, floors and ceilings etc.