using natural stone as an architectural and a design element

The Continuum

Inspirations from the patterns on sea beds

The idea behind Continuum originated from the free-flowing fluid forms created by the flow of water on ocean beds. Continuum is an ode to the amorphous form of water, that has been interpreted in multiple ways by either embossing or engraving the stone.


Repetitive Geometric and Floral Patterns

Repeated geometrical & floral patterns are employed architecturally at the entrance reception and the imposing pillars of the restaurant. The stone carving, inspired by traditional Islamic patterns and engraved in Autumn Brown quartzite comes alive when light falls across it, accentuating the shadows & the intricacy of the carvings.

The Broken Dune

Inspirations from Marine Life

The Broken Dune, carved out of yellow limestone, is inspired by marine life. Its organic contours are a testament to the insurmountable survival instinct of life-forms. Lines are added to the top and bottom to break the monotony of organic forms and to bring a semblance of symmetry to the installation.

The Kona

Geometric reinterpretations of the traditional jaali

The Kona, part of our Breathing Surfaces Collection, adds a new dimension to traditional Indian jaali (perforated or latticed stone screen) work. It relies on depth, texture, and dimensionality, to create a play of light and shadow on the stone surface.

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