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Space between no longer and not yet

Having spent the last year and a half living between two worlds – the studio in India where we constantly experiment with new techniques and ideas for installations/sculptures and the other half travelling across the United States and selling these ideas to architects, designers and potential partners.

It requires donning completely different hats and by the end of it I was fairly confused and not doing justice to either of them.

This time, however, when I travelled to the States in the fall, I decided to stay for longer than just the winter. NYC, the largest specification market for architects and designers was calling.

But as life would have it, I landed in Los Angeles and within 3 weeks I had decided to move here for a year. I met my future business partner here, Shane who shared my vision and passion for bringing Anoma to California. We decided to open an exclusive experience centre for Anoma here and a design centre in the very near future!

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