embracing the potential of natural stone with craftsmanship

and digital innovation

The Anemone

Inspirations from the textures of the sea

The Anemone, highlights the unique form and textures on the sea anemone on a block of Carrara White Marble & Absolute Black Granite on a antique brass base. The unique texture on the surface of the sculpture was made possible using computer modelling and robotics and finally finished with hand.

The Bodhi

Inspirations from the veining on the leaf

The Bodhi I & Bodhi II, delves into the oft unappreciated veining found on the leaf. Presented as wall art, the panels are carved in Carrara White Marble & Absolute Black Granite with a antique brass frame.

The Splice Series

Inspirations from zoological forms

"The Splice Series brings together multiple planar splices in wood or stone to create dynamic morphologies.

sva drishti

The journey to self-discovery

The sva drishti series is a physical manifestation of the introverted process of self-actualisation.


Inspirations from Origami

The Puritsu, part of our Ishi Kiri Collection, draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese paper-folding art of origami

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